Love What You Drive

“Love What You Drive” a music video

featuring Taylor Marshall and Goose the Drummer

About the Song

When Todd Penz wanted to tell the story of Penz Automotive Group, he knew he wanted to do it in a creative way. When asked why he wanted to write a song, he said,

“It’s fun, it’s interesting, and I wanted to tell Rochester and the surrounding communities a little bit about Penz Automotive Group and where it started.”

Todd and the team at Penz worked with Twin Cities artists, Taylor Marshall and Goose the Drummer, to write a song about the company and the “Love What You Drive” philosophy. Together, they came up with a catchy tune to share their story.

The song was filmed and recorded at the local Rochester, MN recording studio, Carpet Booth, run by Zach Zurn. Taylor and Goose really hit their groove working with Todd and Zach in the fantastic studio setting.

If you remember, several years ago Todd and his team recorded a rap video titled, “Cause a Stir.”

The new “Love What You Drive” song is one more track to add to a future Penz Auto album.


Our Commitment to You

We promise to provide the best products and services so you can Love What You Drive. We listen and adjust our solutions for each individual customer. As we always say…


“If this ever stops being what is best for you, then feel free to stop us anytime. You are in control.”



Extraordinary Experience and Customer Service

Our goal is to help you love your vehicle. We train all our people to take good care of you and to help you find what you need, so you can save time deciding on your next vehicle. While our goal is to help you with your vehicle, we’ve found that people who have a bad experience buying a good car don’t enjoy the car as much.

When you buy or service with us, we’ll make the whole experience simple, seamless, and enjoyable. Your vehicle experience won’t be tainted by a stressful buying process, so whenever you get in that driver’s seat, all you feel is good.


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